Monday February 8,2021- NAYLA Gathering (3 of 4) Theme is Health and wellness (Medicine wheel)

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It is NAYLA’s first give away!

We are so excited to begin challenges/giveaways that promote as well as showcase Native Leadership among our native youth who are already such leaders within their communites .

We will have a giveaway/challenge every two weeks. The first will be posted the first Wednesday of the month and the next the third Wednesday of every month. The theme of this giveaway/challenge as well as this months’ NAYLA event is Health and Wellness. We are centering it around how our native cultures and traditions support in balancing individuals health and wellness.

To enter this giveaway write up a post about how your heritage supports your health and wellness. You can enter by posting to our Instagram @nayla.students our Tik Tok @nayla.native or through our website by emailing to 

There will be 3 winners selected on 2/17/21. We will announce those who have won and will get in contact with you concerning how we will get to you your prizes.

Only those who are currently a part of NAYLA this 20-2021 year are eligible to participate at this time. Thank you

Today we had our 3rd NAYLA event for our 2020-2021 school year! It was so incredible and informative. Hopefully there was something positive you could take away to incorporate/support or balance your health and wellbeing. We are so thankful for our NAYLA Youth as well as the powerful leaders that came and gave of themselves. Below are some of the links/videos that some of the speakers shared. Check it out!

Romajean Thomas Email:

1. Meditation

2. Cedar Steam

Jennifer Fuentes

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